Man looking around a record store before he starts a SEO Glasgow campaign for the business

How to Market Your Music Equipment Store with SEO Glasgow

Everyone from Glasgow knows it is a city that truly has music running through its veins. From renowned venues such as King Tut’s to legendary music festivals like Riverside, the eclectic and vibrant collection of musicians and music fans alike are able to feast upon the various events that...
View of TV screen displaying Spotify as person lies on a bed while partaking in active music-listening

Cognitive Effects of Music-Listening

Passive and active music-listening has been shown to influence behavior and cognition in a number of different situations. One example of the influence of music during passive listening is that of background music. Background music, although intended to be heard is not actively attended to (Musselman, 1974). It is...
Black and white photo of man with overwhelming emotion wiping away tears

Underpinnings of Musical Emotion

As we all know from experience: music evokes emotion. Listening to music can be used to regulate our emotions, allowing us to 'get in the mood' for a night out or by helping us to 'calm down' after a long day at work (DeNora, 1999). It can also help...
Violin on the floor next to sheet music in specific pitch

Absolute Pitch: Absolute Memory

Absolute pitch is often deemed an innate skill possessed by only a few special people. It is known in the music world as perfect pitch, where one can sing a given note without any reference. That is, they can sing a b-flat on cue without needing to hear a...

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